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The Automated Plumber?

We recently had a plumber marketing lead who was hesitant to invest in his business because he was concerned that soon, home appliances would be coming out that automated tasks like plumbing. We briefly chuckled at the notion, then paused … Continued

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Your 10 Year Plumber Marketing Plan

…is useless.  Throw it in the trash bin. “What?” you exclaim.  “But I learned in my high school business class to plan for where I wanted to be in 10 years!” We understand.  Visualize your success. The problem is that … Continued

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When the Urinal Became Art

I’ll bet the last time you worked on a urinal, you didn’t look at the light reflect off the porcelain, the oval shape tapering at the top, or the unified drain holes, then think of it as a work of art. … Continued

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Leading Your Plumbing Leads

If there was an easy way for a plumbing lead to clean their sewer pipes without your help, would you tell them how to do it?  Even though it would cost you a job and even direct the lead to … Continued

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The Story and the Cure

As a plumber, what you primarily sell is the cure.  Somebody’s kid flushed their underwear down the toilet, you come and root it out.  Problem solved, you leave. Consultants, brands, politicians, and many product lines sell us a narrative.  They … Continued

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Plumber Marketing’s Biggest Myth

“When life looks like easy street, there’s danger at your door.” – The Grateful Dead Here is one of the greatest myths in plumber marketing:  when you’re doing well you don’t have to keep marketing. You worked hard to get … Continued

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Sexy Plumber’s Crack

Do you think this image on your plumber’s website would help you get more leads? \ It’s a more appealing “plumber’s crack” than most of us first think of, for sure.  But would this help you get more leads?  Does … Continued

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Treat Plumbing Leads with Respect

Here is some valuable website advice from web usability expert Gerry McGovern: Treat the customer as an intelligent stranger who has walked into your restaurant and ordered the vegetarian option. Don’t try and turn them into a meat eater because … Continued

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